How Does Sugar Affect Your Teeth? 

September 12, 2022
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We are learning more and more about how eating a daily amount of sugar can affect overall health. Well, guess what? If you visit your dentist in Lutz, FL, they will mention the adverse effects sugar has on your teeth and oral health. Given that sugar is included in many of the meals and beverages we consume, it’s crucial to understand why you should avoid it as well as you can, besides having an excellent oral hygiene routine.   

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Your Mouth is the Entry of Everything  

Your mouth is the entry for all your daily food and drinks. This makes your mouth a battleground for beneficial and harmful substances to your body. When you consume sugar, harmful bacteria produce more and more acid affecting your teeth. Your saliva helps to combat this damage but eating a lot of sugar results in more acid than your saliva can neutralize. Let´s look at what sugar can do to your mouth. 

Sugar Attracts Harmful Bacteria 

Sugar draws in the microscopic germs that cause gingivitis and gum disease, generating acids that chip away at the enamel. These illnesses can erode the protective tissues holding your teeth in place and cause your gums to pull away from your teeth.  

Solid Sugar Effects on Teeth

High-white-sugar processed foods can be especially harmful because they leave a sticky residue on your teeth that is very strong for saliva to wipe away.   

Tip: The only way to remove this residue is by brushing, flossing, swishing with mouthwash, and dental cleanings.  

Sugary Drinks Effects on Teeth  

Drinking sugary beverages is even more damaging to your teeth than consuming sugary foods. In addition to the acids produced by sugar, many drinks like soda also contain acidity, which is terrible for your teeth.  

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Finding a solution to eliminating unnecessary sugar from your diet may seem impossible, given the many foods and beverages you consume that contain sugar. Ask your dentist in Lutz, FL, about the best options for oral health. Call today!