How Do I Know If My Dental Implants Fail?

November 14, 2022
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Dental implants in 33548 have one of the highest success rates among restorative dentistry procedures. Yet, 5% of patients who undergo this surgery notice their mouths reject their new artificial teeth. Professionals are ready to explain how pain, swelling, and gum recession are signs that your dental implants have added fuel to the fire and made your missing teeth problem worse. 

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Signs of Dental Implant Failure

Loose Implants

For dental implants to work, their titanium root has to fuse to your jawbone. When this process doesn’t occur properly, your porcelain artificial tooth won’t feel firm and stable, a clear sign that your surgery didn’t go as planned and you need to visit your dentist. 


Aside from a loosened or fallen dental implant, pain is a clear indicator that your new artificial teeth aren’t for you. Even though it’s normal to feel slight discomfort a few days after your surgery, an intense sting around your prosthesis once you’ve recovered might mean there’s an infection a dental professional needs to check out. 


Where there’s dental implant pain, there’s usually gum swelling. If the area around your prosthesis is swollen or bleeds, chances are your mouth is infected and rejecting your new porcelain pearly white. 

Gum Recession

Having receding gums is another symptom of dental implant failure. This problem occurs when the tissue holding your new fake tooth isn’t ready for the procedure or your dentist doesn’t fix the implant in the correct position. If you notice your teeth look longer than usual or the gums around your pearly whites are reddish long after your dental implant surgery, it should be a cause for concern. 

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Looking for Dental Implants in 33548?

Loosened implants, pain, swelling, and gum recession mean your restorative dental procedure didn’t go as planned. Our team of professional dentists is ready to deal with dental implant failure and provide countless solutions to your missing tooth problem. Call us today and schedule a visit!