How Do I Enjoy Eating with My New Dentures?

August 29, 2022
Illustration of Dentures in 33548

After several appointments with your dentist in a few weeks, you are proud of your new dentures in 33548. Your smile and all your face will look fantastic now that you have your teeth back with your new dentures. However, learning to eat with new dentures can take you some time. It can last a week or maybe more before you feel completely comfortable.

Illustration of Dentures in 33548

Get Comfortable with New Dentures

Once you get new dentures, you must use them all the time. Create a daily routine to use dentures, and enjoy a beautiful and healthy smile. It may feel awkward or even painful at first, but after just a few days, that will go away.    

6 Simple Tips for Eating with Dentures

  • Start Eating Slowly

For the first days, your dentist will recommend you stick to a liquid diet. Including soap, oatmeal, pudding, and so on. Give yourself some days to get used to the new dentures before processing solid food.  

  • Chew Equally

When you start eating solid food again, chew slowly and use both sides of your mouth equally. This will help keep dentures stable; eventually, you’ll do this without noticing it.   

  • Be Careful with Hot Liquids

It would help if you were extra careful with hot coffee and chocolate after you get your dentures. Dentures only last for years when they are appropriately cared for 

  • Cut Your Food into Smaller Pieces

It will help you cut your food into smaller pieces while still learning how to chew. This will be easier and won´t put so much pressure on your gums while your new dentures adjust.  

  • Be Mindful with Food

Foods like red meat are challenging to chew with new dentures. Try to eat other sources of protein that are much easier to chew, like chicken, fish, eggs, and legumes. You must also be careful with sticky food like candies, peanut butter, and gum. These sticky foods can become trapped between dentures and gums and cause irritation or infection.  

  • Feeling a Little Soreness is Okay

Even after taking your dentist’s suggestions, you can expect your jaw or gums to feel sore during your adaptation process. If the pain becomes persistent or severe, visit your dentist, so they can check up on your denture and adjust it if needed.

Illustration of Dentures in 33548

Get Your New Dentures in 33548 at Lake Park Dental

Follow these tips to adjust your new dentures, but if you experience struggling with how your dentures feel, contact your dentist. Ask for an appointment!