How Are Dentures Made? 

January 24, 2022
Dentists with dentures at Land O Lakes

Losing a tooth can be a hassle for you because of having trouble speaking and eating your favorite meals. It’s even worse when you lose most or all of them. One of the great replacements you can use for your lost teeth is dentures, which you can get from your dentist in Land O’ Lakes. 

Ever wonder how dentures are made to fit your oral needs? We at Lake Park Dental can give you a glimpse of denture-making here! 

Diagram of dentures for dentist treatment in Land O Lakes

What Are Dentures Made Of? 

Dentures use different materials, depending on their type. For complete dentures, plastic is used to form their base and support the artificial teeth made of either plastic or porcelain. 

On the other hand, partial dentures sometimes require a metal framework to support the number of teeth needed for replacement. Recently, other materials, such as Valplast, are being developed to provide more durable and flexible alternatives. 

The Denture-Making Process 

This procedure often lasts for weeks to ensure that the denture fits you. Firstly, you need to undergo a series of impressions to get measurements before creating models and wax forms that you will be trying on. 

You may be asked to choose the shape and color of your new teeth to fit your preferences. After that, the final dentures are cast. If you are in a hurry, immediate dentures can be used temporarily as you wait for your final denture to be finished. 

It will take quite a while to adjust to your new dentures. You might feel discomfort and soreness while you eat and speak. You can simply consult your dentist about this to make necessary adjustments. 

Dentists working with dentures at Land O Lakes

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