How Are Dental Implants Evaluated for Safety?

March 13, 2023
Dental Implants in Tampa Bay

More and more people use dental implants in Tampa Bay to replace missing or damaged teeth because these restorative devices offer a natural-looking and durable solution that improves dental function and aesthetics. However, despite dental implants’ many benefits, some people are still hesitant to pursue this treatment due to safety concerns. Understanding how implants are evaluated for safety is the first step to making an informed decision.

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Safety Evaluation Process for Dental Implants

Preclinical Testing

Dental implants undergo extensive preclinical testing to assess the implant design’s safety and efficacy. These tests typically involve laboratory testing, computer simulations, and animal studies. Furthermore, preclinical testing identifies potential safety concerns before testing the implant on humans.

For instance, manufacturers may use laboratory testing to evaluate the implant material’s biocompatibility and mechanical properties. Alternatively, computer simulations optimize the implant’s design and predict how it will behave in the human body. Finally, animal studies evaluate the implant’s ability to integrate with the jawbone, resist fracture, and withstand various loads before the manufacturers test it on humans.

Clinical Trials

Once the dental implants complete preclinical testing, manufacturers conduct clinical trials to evaluate their safety in humans further. These clinical trials have three phases, and the number of participants increases with each phase. During clinical trials, manufacturers monitor the implant’s success rate, check for signs of adverse effects or complications, and analyze the results.

Post-Market Surveillance

When the dental implants are approved for use, they’re monitored through post-market surveillance to determine long-term safety concerns that weren’t identified during preclinical testing. This process involves tracking adverse events, analyzing patient outcomes, and monitoring each implant’s performance over time. If a safety concern is identified, the implant may be recalled, or additional warnings may be added to the product labeling.

Regulatory Oversight

Organizations, including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA), set standards for safety and performance. Consequently, dental implants are subject to regulatory oversight. Unless the implant manufacturers meet specific requirements, they’re prohibited from marketing their products.

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