Get Your Smile Back with Dental Implants 

August 27, 2021
missing tooth replaced by titanium dental implants in 33548  

Do you know why dental implants in 33548 are so popular in replacing missing teeth? It’s because they share almost the same characteristics as your natural teeth.  

Instead of replacing the dental crown, a dental implant replaces everything down to the roots. Implants are metal posts shaped to look like screws and they are placed inside your jawbone to act as support for the dental crowns. Once they are in place, you’ll have your beautiful smile restored.  

woman smiling widely wearing dental implants in 33548

What’s So Amazing About Dental Implants?  

Long Term Solution to Tooth Loss 

In terms of longevity, nothing beats dental implants. According to studies, dental implants can last a lifetime! However, for the implants to last this long you must also adhere to a proper oral care routine, which means you must brush and floss your teeth daily.  

Even though dental implants are resistant to decay, your gum tissues aren’t. When bacteria and plaque attack your gums, your dental implants can still come loose.  

Therefore, to keep your smile looking beautiful for as long as possible, do your part and take care of your oral health.  


Function Like Natural Teeth 

Although other tooth replacement options are amazing they don’t replicate the strength, durability, and stability that dental implants offer.  

Since they are securely embedded in your jawbone, you don’t have to fear that they might slip out or fall off when you talk or laugh.  

Your implants will feel like they are a part of you. And it’s added bonus that the crowns resemble the aesthetics of natural teeth.  

screw shaped biocompatible dental implants in 33548  

Replace Missing Teeth with Dental Implants in 33548  

Get your smile back with the help of dental implants.  

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