Get More for Your Money With Custom-Fit Dentures

November 3, 2017

George Washington had wooden teeth, or so the legend goes. In truth, his false teeth were ivory, and the plates they set in were lead. They were extremely uncomfortable, and many believe lead poisoning contributed to his early death. His false teeth were literally killing him.

Perhaps you feel the same way. Fortunately, the technology has come a long way since then, and Doctor Sarah Jockin knows how to create much better custom dentures for her patients. She is a dentist in the Tampa, FL area, and she crafts a unique and comfortable prosthetic for you while you wait.

Advantages of Custom Fit Dentures

For patients with missing teeth, a set of standard dentures is an affordable solution. Poor fit or wear cause them to become uncomfortable over time. They shift when you talk or chew, and it can be embarrassing when they fall out in public.

Dentures hold in place with a vacuum. The contours of the prosthetics should match the shape of your mouth. When pressed, a seal holds them firmly to the gums. Imperfections in the design weaken the seal and allow them to slip.

Our patients prefer our custom dentures for many reasons:

  • Comfortable to wear for long periods of time
  • Chew without worrying about slipping or falling prosthetics
  • Contoured with your jawline to fit the shape of your face
  • Speak clearly without struggling over missing teeth

In some instances, implants are also an option.

How Our Process Works

We have a lab right on the premises, and our technicians work closely with Dr. Jockin at Lake Park Dental. They sit chairside with you and immediately adjust the profile of your new prosthetics during the design and fit stages. This technique ensures the best fit and reduces the necessity of repeat visits. We can even correct problems with coloration.

It’s time to get rid of your poorly fitting dentures. Contact our office and make an appointment with Dr. Jockin today.