Fun Ways to Get Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth

May 23, 2021
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If you and your partner suffer from teeth misalignment, there’s a big chance you may be able to pass this on to your children. Genetics plays a crucial role in determining your jaw size. This can lead to underbites, overbites, crossbites, gaps, and crowding. In such cases, you should take your child to an orthodontist in Lutz, FL to correct the problem.

Untreated orthodontic issues often lead to complications that are costly to repair. Children with misaligned teeth are more prone to cavities compared to those with straight teeth. Therefore, you should teach your child to practice proper oral hygiene at home.

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Fun Ways to Coax Your Child to Brush

Give Them a Reward

Most kids don’t like to brush their teeth because they get bored easily. One clever way of convincing them to brush their teeth is by offering a reward.

The rewards don’t have to be material things. It can be an extra ten minutes past their bedtime or allowing them to play video games a bit longer. Your orthodontist will be happy if your child is cavity-free before treatment.  

Play Music for Two Minutes

The American Dental Association recommends children brush their teeth for two minutes. We know that it’s a struggle to make them wait that long. One good piece of advice is to play a song that lasts for two minutes. The song will keep your kids entertained while they brush their teeth. There are plenty of tooth-brushing songs that you can find on YouTube.

brushing Orthodontics Lutz FL

Do You Need to See an Orthodontist in Lutz, FL?

Visiting an orthodontist can be intimidating, but if you find an orthodontist that knows how to deal with children, dental visits will be a breeze. At Lake Park Dental, we take pride in our dental health experts as they are well-versed with children. They know how to manage and deal with children so that they will feel comfortable and relaxed during their visits. Schedule an appointment with us so we can discuss your concerns.