Frequently Asked Questions About CEREC® Crowns

September 5, 2022
CEREC 33548 procedure

CEREC® (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic) is used for dental restorations to replace missing teeth due to decay or injury. The process is done through computer-aided design or computer-aided manufacturing to create impressions of the mouth using computer software. Dental crowns are an essential advance procedure for patients who need to repair damaged or weakened teeth. If you have considered CEREC® in 33548 for your dental needs, here are some of the most frequently asked questions about this innovative dental service offering.  

Dental crown thanks to CEREC in 33548

Important FAQs About CEREC®  

 1. Are CEREC® Procedures Beneficial?

The advantages of CEREC® crowns are numerous. The time consideration and improved convenience that this technology offers come first. CEREC® crowns are just as attractive, complete, and natural-looking as their rivals created in a lab. Your dentist will use technology to produce a good-fitting crown to match your dental requirements.  

Your CEREC® crown will perform as well as those conventional lab crowns. It means you can eat, talk, and enjoy life precisely as you would if you had a lab-made crown.  

   2.  How Is Its Durability?  

The same material that is used for many lab crowns is used in CEREC® crowns. A solid porcelain crown can be used for many years, lasting ten years or longer. Your dentist at Lutz, FL, will give you maintenance tips and guidelines that will enable you to share your crowns with the longevity they merit.  

3. How Does Natural Will My CEREC® Crown Look?

Your new crown will be precisely created by your dentist using CEREC® technology to ensure a flawless fit in your mouth. The placement of the crown will be done with overall dental balance and a natural appearance as the main priorities, taking care to match the color and tint of your crown to your other natural teeth. Once your CEREC® crown is ready, it will resemble your actual teeth almost precisely.  

Woman with dentist getting a CEREC in 33548

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