Efficient Ways to Clean Dentures

May 13, 2022
dentist holding Dentures in 33548 

Even though dentures aren’t permanent teeth, you still need to keep them clean and well-maintained since you’ll be using them for the foreseeable future. While dentures in 33548 are considered artificial teeth, they could still stain and get damaged if not taken care of properly. Dentures must also be cleaned to remove food residue that could cause your false teeth to smell or build up plaque.

Cleaning and maintaining your false teeth are guaranteed to last for a long time and make them easy to use. To help prevent issues with your dentures, you must learn how to take care of them correctly. If you want to learn how to clean your dentures efficiently, here are some tips that you can try.

Illustration of Dentures in 33548 

Guide to Cleaning Your Dentures   

Brush Your Dentures Daily 

One way to guarantee the cleanliness and durability of your dentures is to clean them every day. You can use a soft-bristled toothbrush and regular toothpaste to wash and rinse your dentures. Make sure that you soak them in water first before brushing them to avoid damaging the base of your false teeth.   

Remove Adhesive Residues in Your Mouth and Dentures   

Adhesive residues could pile up and cause damage to your dentures if you don’t clean them each time you use them. Aside from cleaning them off your false teeth, you also need to remove the residues from your mouth. To wash away the extra residue, gargling with warm salt water will help.  

Soak Your Dentures Overnight

Dentures need to stay moist and clean to retain their shape and overall quality. After cleaning your dentures, you’ll need to place them in water or a denture solution overnight. If you want to make sure what you’re doing is correct, you can consult your dentist about proper dental care. 


Illustration of Dentures in 33548 

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