Does Caffeine Affect Dental Implants?

August 26, 2022
Couple with Dental Implants in Land O’ Lakes

Caffeine is a known substance in coffee, tea, energy drinks, chocolate, and more. Studies have shown that 80% of people consume caffeine more than twice daily. If you have heard that coffee isn’t perfect for your smile, you’re probably wondering about drinking it with your dental implants from Land O Lakes. Let´s discuss managing this beloved drink and caring for your dental implants.

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How Can Coffee Affect My Dental Implants?

Getting new dental implants is exciting, primarily for people wishing for a beautiful smile. Using implants, you will enjoy a beautiful and natural look, providing you with functionality and confidence. Once you have dental implants, you can ask your dentist for a guide to follow for keeping your mouth, natural teeth, and new implants.   

Potential Downsides to Be Aware Of

  • It Can Stain  

You can stain your natural dental tissue with coffee, and the same can be said of the restoration topping of your dental implants. 

  • Can Dry Your Mouth  

Drinking coffee can cause your mouth to dry. A dry mouth and dental implants cannot work together. Remember, when your mouth isn´t hydrated, you can suffer from gum problems, bad breath, and more.  

  • Can Erode Dental Tissue  

When you drink coffee, you will still be putting any remaining natural teeth in harm’s way. Drinking coffee makes its acid soften your teeth.   

After you get dental implants, it is necessary to modify some meals to allow your gums enough time to heal correctly. Of course, you may continue drinking coffee, but check these suggestions to protect your dental implants: drink your cup of coffee in one sitting, brush your teeth right after drinking coffee, and limit it to two cups per day. 

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Protect Your Dental Implants in Land O’ Lakes

If you’re considering dental implants or have questions about how to best care for them, let us help you. We offer you consultations using the highest grade of dental implants in Land O’ Lakes. Request an appointment right away.