Does Aging Cause TMJ?

October 28, 2022
Patient at dentist office needs TMJ treatment Tampa FL 

Enjoying a meal with your family and friends and telling your significant other about your day are only some of the activities you can do, thanks to your temporomandibular joint (TMJ). However, this body part connecting your lower jaw to your skull is delicate since factors such as age, teeth grinding, and jaw injury can lead to TMJ disorder in Tampa, FL, and leave you with an insufferable amount of pain and discomfort. 

Patient needs TMJ treatment Tampa FL 

Will I Get TMJ When I’m Older?

During the golden years of our lives, our bodies are at their weakest, and our TMJ is no exception. As we age, the cartilage in our joints gets damaged easily and starts to wear down, making it harder to move our bones and causing pain and stiffness. This condition, known as arthritis, affects over 32 million adults in the US and makes older people more prone to TMJ disorder. 

Since arthritis takes many forms, it’s not only something that hinders the lifestyles of the elderly. Children, teenagers, and adults can also suffer from arthritis and TMJ disorder and get the necessary treatment. 

Other Causes of TMJ

Teeth Grinding

Arthritis is not the only culprit behind TMJ disorder, as teeth grinding or bruxism is also a common cause of this condition. Some people push their upper and lower jaw against one another when they are asleep or stressed, which exerts pressure on their bones and joints. This habit can, in turn, be detrimental to the enamel in your teeth and the cartilage in your temporomandibular joint, making you suffer from TMJ disorder. 

Jaw Injury 

According to dental professionals, trauma can also lead you to develop TMJ disorder. When you injure your jaw or head, you may suffer from a dislocation, fracture, or change in the position of your bite. This situation may pressure or damage your temporomandibular joint, becoming a source of TMJ disorder. 

TMJ treatment Tampa FL

Looking for TMJ Treatment in Tampa, FL? 

Arthritis, teeth grinding, and jaw injuries are some leading causes of TMJ disorder. Dentists at Lake Park Dental can treat the condition and make sure your pain goes away once and for all. Contact us and schedule a visit!