Do Insurance Companies Cover Dental Implant Costs?

January 24, 2022
Man eating an apple with dental implants North Tampa

Are you aiming to restore your smile and comfort when eating and talking? Dental implants in North Tampa are the best way to do that! You’ll no longer have to experience the hassles of dentures because implants are directly attached to your bone. 

Are you worried about your dental implant expenses? We can answer that problem here! 

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Are Dental Implants Expensive? 

Depending on the number of missing teeth and the type of implant you are planning to have, getting dental implants may seem a little expensive. If you plan to have a mouthful of dental implants, you will have to check your budget before undergoing this procedure.  

However, this treatment is a great investment if you want to have a more permanent solution to missing teeth. 

What Insurances Can Cover Dental Implant Expenses? 

Unfortunately, dental implants are often considered elective expenses because these are categorized under cosmetic treatments, and many health insurances do not fully cover these. 

Some preliminary treatments before having a dental implant, like tooth extractions, for example, can be covered by your health insurance. 

There are some health insurances that can cover dental implant expenses, such as Delta Dental Premier, Denali Dental Insurance, and Cigna. 

Alternatives Aside from Dental Insurances 

It is best to think of alternatives if we can’t use your health insurance for our dental implants. You can opt for dental savings plans or grants which offer discounts on dental services, including implants. You can also try dental loans and payment plans. 

Women with Dental Implants North Tampa

Need Help with Dental Implants in North Tampa? 

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