Do Dental Implants Ever Fail?

January 2, 2021
Where can I get Dental Implants Lutz FL?

Do dental implants in Lutz, FL ever fail? Before anything, we want to set the record straight. Although dental implants have a high success rate of up to 98%, there is still a 2% chance that these biocompatible implants may fail for several reasons. For your information, dental implants are titanium screw-shaped posts implanted within your jawbone by an oral surgeon.

These posts are left for several months until they completely fuse with your bone tissues in a process known as osseointegration. Once this stage is complete, the abutments and crowns are placed next to complete your look. How do dental implants fail? Let’s find out.

Where can I get Dental Implants Lutz FL?

Can Dental Implants Fail?


Peri-implantitis is an infection that takes place around your dental implants in Lutz, FL. It’s an infection inside your gums. The main cause of peri-implantitis is poor oral hygiene after dental implant surgery. If you are not committed to practicing proper oral hygiene, your dental implants will surely fail.

To ensure you get to keep your dental implants for a lifetime, we suggest you brush and floss your teeth as recommended by your dentist.

Fail To Fuse With Jawbone

Another reason why dental implants in Lutz, FL fail is when they do not successfully fuse with your jawbone. This dental implant failure can be owed to low jawbone density or when a patient incurs facial trauma following dental implant surgery. Ideally, if a person does not have enough jawbone density to support the implants, a bone graft is made. Jawbone density is crucial to the success of the surgery.

Where can I get Dental Implants Lutz FL?

Do You Need Dental Implants in Lutz, FL?

It’s also important to find a reputable and skilled oral surgeon to perform dental implant surgery to have a high chance of success. Our team uses a unique and flexible approach at Lake Park Dental when offering personalized treatments to our patients. Our goal is to give you the smile of your dreams at a reasonable price.

Whether you need general care or surgery, our team is ready to take any case from simple to complex. Visit our website to learn more about our services or schedule an appointment with us to discuss your concerns.