How Can You Prevent Denture Stomatitis?

July 8, 2020
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The majority of the American population are wearing Dentures 33548, and why not? Dentures are cost-effective, and they restore your oral functionality as if you never lost any teeth. However, there is one condition associated with dentures that you need to look out for – it’s called denture stomatitis.

Denture stomatitis, better known as denture sore mouth, is a condition that causes you to feel intense pain, inflammation, redness, and irritation in your mouth. These issues make it difficult for you to speak, sleep, and eat. Are there ways to prevent denture stomatitis? The answer is yes. Let’s find out how.

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Effective Ways to Prevent Denture Stomatitis

Get the Right Denture

One of the most effective ways to prevent denture stomatitis is by investing in the right Dentures 33548. You see, when your denture is poorly fitted, it will provide a space for yeast and bacteria to grow and multiply, and when this happens, infection and inflammation will take place.

These won’t happen if your dentures fit you perfectly. Another reason why ill-fitting dentures cause problems are it tends to rub, leading to irritation that would eventually damage your gums.

Always Clean Your Dentures

All dentists recommend that you clean your Dentures 33548 at least 30 minutes after each meal. If you can’t do that just yet, then the best you can do is to rinse your mouth with water at least to stop bacteria from building up, but ideally, you should make sure your dentures are thoroughly cleaned using a toothbrush with soft bristles. It’s also important to note that there is a specific cleanings solution for dentures. You can ask your cosmetic dentist about this.

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