Dentist Tampa Bay | Common Oral Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore

May 20, 2019
where is a good dentist tampa bay?

A dentist Tampa Bay plays a very important role in our lives. They help diagnose early signs and symptoms of decay, gum disease, and more. Because of this, we are able to prevent and avoid the consequences of each oral problem. But most people don’t give much attention to their oral health compared to other areas of their bodies. Little did they know that oral health also impacts our overall health. Here are the most common oral problems we shouldn’t ignore:

Tooth Decay

We are all susceptible to tooth decay, but for people who have poor oral hygiene, they have a higher chance of suffering from this oral disease. Worst case scenarios are root canal treatment to save a tooth or tooth extraction. If you have tooth decay, don’t wait until the pain becomes unbearable or the damage is beyond repair. Consult a dentist today to see what can be done

Periodontal Disease

Gum disease is one of the reasons why adults lose their teeth. Aside from poor oral hygiene, factors like smoking and an unhealthy diet cause gum disease which develops into periodontitis if left untreated. If you want to keep your teeth until your golden years, pay attention to your oral health.

Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is an oral problem that should not be ignored. This is often a symptom for a cracked tooth, tooth abscess, eroded enamel, or gum disease. So, if you want to avoid spending thousands on treatments, see your dentist today for a proper oral assessment.

Bad Breath

Persistent bad breath is a sign that you have something going on inside your mouth. It can be tooth decay, gum disease, or it can also be oral cancer. To know for sure, visit a dentist Tampa Bay.

where is a good dentist tampa bay?

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Prevention is always better than cure. If you feel something in your mouth, don’t ignore it. See a dentist Tampa Bay today before it’s too late! At Lake Park Dental, we are dedicated to providing you effective quality dental plans that you are comfortable with.  Call us today for any inquiry or set an appointment online!