Dentist Lutz FL | Things You Didn’t Know Caused Gum Disease

May 15, 2019
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If you’re suffering from gum disease, the number one possible cause for that is poor oral hygiene. But if you’re someone who brushes their teeth regularly but is still experiencing symptoms of gum disease, then other factors you didn’t know about may have triggered it. See a dentist Lutz FL for a proper oral assessment. Here are the factors you didn’t know caused gum disease

Unstable Hormones

When you’re pregnant or in your monthly cycle, your hormones are not stable. The instability of hormones causes you to be vulnerable to different diseases including gum disease. That is why most pregnant women experience bleeding gums during pregnancy. These symptoms mostly go away after pregnancy. But it is still important to go to the dentist Lutz FL to know the condition of your oral health and to avoid advance gum disease which is linked to miscarriage and other fetal disorders.

Prescription Medicines

There are medications that cause dry mouth. The lack of proper saliva production encourages bacteria to build and spread which will cause gum disease. Talk to your doctor and dentist regarding this.

Crooked or Misaligned Teeth

Crooked or misaligned teeth often create narrow areas which are difficult to clean with regular brushing and flossing. The area which is difficult to clean can accumulate plaque, bacteria, and cavity which are factors for gum disease to thrive.

Mouth Breathing

Mouth breathing can be hard on the gums, especially when they aren’t protected by the lips. It could cause chronic irritation and inflammation.

Poor Diet

It’s important to keep your immune system in its tiptop shape to avoid any sickness. Healthy eating supplemented by vitamin C intake can help boost your oral health which can prevent gum disease from prospering.

Looking for a Dentist Lutz FL?

If its not poor oral hygiene that caused your gum disease then it must be one of the factors mentioned above. Ask a dentist Lutz FL for a proper oral assessment. At Lake Park Dental, our goal is to provide our clients with quality oral care and results they can be happy about for the years. Call us today for inquiries or book online!