Dentist Land O Lakes | What Dentists Have to Say About Crowns and Bridges

September 16, 2019
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A dentist Land O Lakes said that crowns and bridges are one of the amazing solutions to damaged or missing teeth. These restorative dental treatments use prosthetic devices to completely restore your smile to its natural and better look.

who offers the best dentist land o lakes?

All About Crowns and Bridges

What Are They?

According to a dentist, bridges are composed of porcelain materials embedded in metal so as to reach the desired natural look without compromising the strength of the alternative tooth. On the other hand, crowns are tooth alternatives that are made of ceramic or porcelain. It is manufactured to acquire the same color and texture as that of your existing tooth.

How Are They Fitted?

For bridges, a dentist said that it consists of false teeth firmly connected between 2 crowns. The teeth on both sides of the gap are set for these bridges and crowns to be cemented into place. However, there are instances when dental implants are also used to replace the lost tooth rather than exhausting the existing teeth. For crowns, the existing tooth is reshaped and filed down so it can be placed on top. Whatever issue you have on your tooth, the dentist will remove it before a crown may be fitted on top of the newly shaped tooth.

When Are They Required?

Crowns are necessary when you have a tooth that is misshapen, severely discolored, damaged, or fractured. Likewise, crowns are essential when a dental bridge needs an anchor and when there is too much tooth decay. Contrarily, bridges are used to replace lost or missing teeth. It can also be used when your dentures seem to be aesthetically displeasing, uncomfortable, or unstable.

How Long Will They Last?

When a dentist is asked as to how long crowns and bridges last, he or she will tell you that it will depend on the condition of your tooth, how it was placed or attached, and how religiously you followed the aftercare instructions. However, to give you an estimate, they generally last 8-15 years.

who offers the best dentist land o lakes?

Need a Dentist Land O Lakes to Determine Whether You’re a Suitable Candidate?

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