Dentist Land O Lakes | Foods You Did Not Know Could Damage Your Teeth

February 26, 2019
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Has your Dentists Land O Lakes advised you to skip on carbonated drinks and sugary foods to protect your teeth from cavities? What if we told you that there are other foods you did not know about that equally damage your teeth like candies and soft drinks do? Well, to make you aware, here are the foods you did not know could damage your teeth.

Biscuits and Crackers

They may sound like a safe snack but the processed carbohydrates in crackers turn to sugar almost immediately, thus making it attractive to breed cavities. Its mushy consistency also makes it easier to accumulate on your molars and in between your teeth.

Salad Dressing

Salad dressings sound harmless especially because they are associated with something healthy like salads. But the composition of dressings is highly sugary and acidic, and this makes your enamel vulnerable to thinning.


Apples are incredibly healthy for you but the high amount of acid present in this fruit is not very good for your teeth. If you do eat an apple, make sure to rinse your mouth after.

Fruit Juice & Electrolyte Drinks

Fruit juices are great to have on a hot summer day, but the high sugar content of this drink puts your oral health at risk. Make sure to drink in moderation and drink water afterward. An Electrolyte or sports drink is everyone’s way of refreshing their bodies after a workout, sports or any activities. It may taste like it has 0 sugars but in reality, it is packed with sucrose and fructose that may jeopardize your oral health!

Pickled Vegetables

The high amount of acetic acid found in pickled vegetables is one of the culprits for the wearing and thinning of the calcium in your enamel. The enamel is the outer protection of your teeth and without this, your teeth will easily be a subject for decay.

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The foods above must be the culprit as to why you are still experiencing tooth decay and other health problems despite avoiding candies and soft drinks. To have proper a diagnosis, see a Dentists Land O Lakes. At Lake Park Dental, we pride ourselves with proven results of satisfied clients and their restored healthy smile. Be a part of our family and contact us now or set an appointment online!