Dentist Greater Northdale | Dental Habits You Need to Break This Year

January 31, 2019
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Even though the first month of the year is almost coming to an end, look on the bright side, you still have eleven more months to improve your dental health. Besides breaking bad habits, make it a point to see your Dentist Greater Northdale twice this year (assuming you have healthy teeth and gums) but if you are having dental problems, don’t wait for the next recommended dental visit, see your dentist right away.

Stop Drinking Carbonated Soda

It’s hard to break your soda addiction but for the sake of your teeth, you need to at least try. It doesn’t have to be abrupt; you can slowly minimize it until you no longer crave for it. Soda is loaded with sugar and not to mention highly acidic. Drinking large amounts of soda will put you at risk of tooth decay and cavity formation. So, the next time you’re tempted to grab a drink, think about your teeth. Instead of downing a soda, why don’t you drink water instead?

Stop Chewing Ice

Most people do not realize how harmful chewing ice is. Even though it’s not that hard and you can easily crush it with your teeth, the toughness of ice can crack or chip your teeth. If you really want to keep your mouth busy, most dentists recommend that you chew a sugar-free gum instead of chewing ice chips. Or if you want to feel refreshed, skip the ice and drink a glass of cold water.

Stop Eating Starchy Foods

Starchy food is bad for your health and it’s particularly bad for your teeth. The reason is that they leave residues in your enamel that can result in plaque formation and eventually tooth decay.

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When you see your Dentist Greater Northdale, he or she will share helpful information on how you can better care for your oral health. At Lake Park Dental, we understand the importance of choosing a dentist and team with whom you feel comfortable, confident, and welcome. We want every patient we treat to feel as if they are getting the best possible dental care. Call us today for an appointment.