Dentist Carrollwood | Top Questions Asked About Sedation Dentistry

August 1, 2019
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Your dentist Carrollwood would tell you that each patient is unique. This implies that their needs aren’t exactly the same. For instance, different types of people have varied reasons for choosing sedation dentistry. While some of them struggle with the paralyzing fear of the dentist, others have extremely low pain tolerance, uncontrollable gag reflex or resistance to the numbing injections that are usually used by their dentists. If you want to learn more about sedation dentistry, read on.

who offers the best dentist carrollwood?

Sedation Dentistry FAQs

Will I Feel Anything While I’m Receiving Treatment?

Most patients claim that they don’t get to feel anything while they’re getting some dental work done. Others say that although they sensed a little discomfort during the first part of the treatment, they eventually relaxed and felt comfortable towards the end of the appointment. A smaller number of patients confirm that they almost have no memory of the entire treatment.

Will I Be Unconscious?

No, you won’t lose your consciousness. You’ll be responsive yet you’ll feel very comfortable and relaxed.

Is It Safe?

When performed by a qualified and trained dental professional, sedation dentistry can be the safest and most effective way for you to receive your dental treatment. Before you become sedated, your dentist Carrollwood will sit with you to discuss your sedation options that are suitable for your needs.

How Long Until the Effect Wears Off?

This largely depends on a variety of factors which include the dose, the length of treatment, and how quickly your body can recover from its effects. It’s important to note that sedation dentistry causes drowsiness. For this reason, it’s extremely important to have a family member or a friend to drive home from your appointment. Furthermore, you’ll be advised by your dentist to avoid drinking alcohol or operating any type of machinery after your treatment.

who offers the best dentist carrollwood?

Ask Your Dentist Carrollwood About Sedation Dentistry!

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