Dentist 33548 | How Sodas Affect Your Teeth

August 21, 2019
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Sodas are no longer an occasional drink. It has become a huge and satisfying part of the American diet. For the past decades, sodas have taken the place of water – may it be for hydration or simply for satisfaction. However, dentist 33548 has advised that the emerging consumption of sodas is one of the leading causes of tooth decay.

How Soft Drinks Actually Damage Your Teeth

Food Source for Bacteria

When you drink sodas, your teeth meet with a lot of sugar – the primary source for bacteria. Dentists state that after you drink a soda, your gums and teeth will be enclosed with a sticky layer of bacteria called plaque. The plaque that is covering your gums and teeth feed off of sugar as soon as your mouth comes in contact with the soda. It starts to process the sugar and produce acids as a result.

Erodes Tooth Enamel

The acids produced from the interaction of sugar and bacteria attack the enamel and structure of your tooth in just 15 minutes; thereby, increasing the risk of developing tooth decay. Moreover, sodas contain citric acid and phosphoric acid which are both detrimental to your oral health. These acids can easily soften your teeth’s enamel which will soon lead to erosion and growth of cavities. Once your enamel erodes, it will then lead to the opening of your tooth’s inner layers, making it more vulnerable and sensitive. Thus, in case you were born with a receding gum line, the dentist recommends that you avoid endless consumption of sodas since the acid can easily penetrate your gum line.

What You Need To Do

As much as possible, it is ideal not to include sodas in your diet. Instead, drink water more to hydrate your body. However, if you can’t resist drinking a soda when there is a mouthwatering meal, make sure to use a straw. Sipping through a straw somehow decreases the amount of acid and sugar interaction on your teeth. Also, as soon as you’re done with your meal and soda, see to it that you drink water to help dilute and remove the sugar and acid from your teeth.

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