Dental Protrusion: What Is It and How to Treat It?

February 13, 2023
3D image of protruding teeth in need of orthodontics in north tampa

If you have noticed that you or a loved one has upper teeth that protrude too much you probably have a problem of malocclusion, or dental protrusion, which means they have to search for options in orthodontics in North Tampa. Here we tell you a little more about this condition so you can take care of the issue and have a more beautiful and functional smile, or help your family member achieve straight teeth easily. 

girl with protruding teeth wearing orthodontics in north tampa

What is Dental Protrusion? 

It’s a widespread condition where the upper incisors are far in front of the lower incisors. These can be larger than the other teeth and at the same time be crowded. 

People who suffer from this condition often have difficulty closing their lips completely because the teeth are tilted too far forward or outward. This, in turn, results in the upper teeth not fitting correctly with the lower teeth. 

Causes of Dental Protrusion 

The causes that lead to dental protrusion are usually associated with parafunctional habits such as: 

  • Atypical swallowing: improper tongue position that pushes the incisors outward. 
  • Digital suction: commonly known as “thumb sucking or pipe sucking,” this is usually a cause of dental protrusion in children. 
  • Onychophagia: the force generated by nail-biting causes the incisors to protrude. 
  • Genetics: Many times, the children, as well as the parents, present type II malocclusion or dental protrusion. It is a condition that can be inherited. 

How is Dental Protrusion Corrected? 

The safest way to proceed with a definitive correction of dental protrusion is through orthodontics applied at an early age. Adults who suffer from very marked dental protrusion caused by type II malocclusion of the maxilla may need, in addition to orthodontics, oral surgery to correct the position of the mandibular bones. 

girl with braces and orthodontics dentist in north tampa

Looking to Get Orthodontics in North Tampa? 

Diagnosing dental protrusion at an early age will prevent the patient from having more serious problems. That’s why it’s important to see your dentist regularly and take your children for regular checkups while they are in the process of moving their teeth. Call us at Lake Park Dental and schedule a consultation now!