Dental Implants North Tampa | Reasons To Choose Dental Implants

April 23, 2019
where are the best dental implants north tampa?

Are you tired of dealing with the embarrassment from your missing tooth? Couldn’t smile properly during photo ops? Experiencing difficulty in eating your favorite foods? Although there are many ways to replace your missing tooth, the best way to solve your problems is through dental implants North Tampa, here’s why:

They’re Discreet

You don’t have to worry about dental implants standing out from the rest of your teeth because they’re discreet. Their natural appearance blends in perfectly so people can’t tell that you have implants.

They Don’t Harm the Neighboring Teeth

Other restorative dental solutions, like bridges, require the neighboring tooth to be scraped so the bridge can anchor securely. Dental implants replace a missing tooth without causing any damage.

There is No Restriction to Food

Except for the first week from getting your implants, there is no restriction when it comes to what you can and cannot eat. Unlike dentures, you will have to avoid chewy and crunchy foods. What a killjoy!

Aids in Preventing Premature Aging

Restorative solutions, like bridges and dentures, replace missing teeth but they do not encourage bone growth. Bone loss due to tooth loss causes the bone to deteriorate over time which gives that wrinkled and caved-in look around the mouth. Dental implants North Tampa help encourage bone growth which helps support your facial structure.

They’re Cost-effective in the Long run

They may seem to be expensive at first but this restorative solution lasts a lifetime. Unlike others which you will have to replace every couple of years, dental implants only need to be taken care of with good oral hygiene. You implants might even outlive you!

where is the best dental implants north tampa?

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