Dental Implants 33548 | The Benefits Of Dental Implants

January 21, 2019
Where are the best dental implants 33548?

Did you recently lose a tooth or several teeth? If yes, your dentist may recommend a number of tooth replacement options for you to choose from. Majority of patients are more interested in learning about Dental Implants 33548 because of its numerous benefits. A dental implant is a modern replacement tooth procedure that mimics an entire tooth structure. The root is made from titanium and is surgically implanted into your jawbone. This is used to support a denture, a bridge or a crown.

Prevention of Bone Loss

Losing a tooth will not only affect how you look physically, but it will also have an effect on the bone mass of your jawbone. It’s safe to say that when you lose teeth, you will also lose bone mass. The application of dental implants helps replace jawbone stimulation thereby preventing bone loss.

Looks Like The Real Thing

Dental implants are not generically made. In other words, they come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. During your consultation with your dentist, you will work together to choose the design of the implant making sure it matches the shape and the color of your natural teeth and to ensure that it completely fills in the gap. And since it looks so real, the only person who will know that it’s an implant is your dentist not unless you want to tell other people about it. That’s how real it looks.

Restores Your Face’s Shape

Your teeth aren’t just for chewing. They help support the structure of your face so when you lose several teeth, inevitably you’ll lose that support causing your face to change its shape. Individuals with missing teeth often appear older. Since dental implants function like real teeth, it can restore the original shape of your face.

Where are good dental implants 33548?

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The benefits of Dental Implants 33548 are enough to convince you to get your teeth fixed. At Lake Park Dental, we offer dental implant services. Call us today to schedule a consultation.