Crowns for Those with a Hectic Schedule

November 3, 2017
General & Implant Dentist in Tampa, FL

You know you should make that dental appointment but the time keeps getting away from you. To make matters worse, the crowns you need typically take several visits to get sorted out. Doctor Sarah Jockin offers CEREC Same Day Dentistry to address this very concern.

How Does A Dental Crown Work?

Crowns are a standard repair for severely damaged or worn teeth. Ideally, your dentist should always try to save as many of your natural teeth as possible. Removing the tooth causes degradation of your jawline and can allow other teeth to shift around.

When a tooth suffers from a crack or decay, a crown saves the root. A synthetic replacement sits on top to restore the functionality and appearance of the tooth.

The conventional process is involved and requires at least two trips to the dentist office:

  • The area is numbed before the work begins
  • Your dentist grinds down the damaged portion of the tooth
  • The dentist takes impressions of the remaining stud and orders replacement ceramics
  • You receive a temporary crown at that visit
  • When your appliances arrive, you must return to have them installed

Problems with the fit or coloring of the replacement tooth delay the process. Your dentist must correct those errors before proceeding. Sometimes this requires two more visits, and you must wear the temporary crown during that entire time.

CEREC® Same Day Crowns

Our process is much faster and more accurate. Instead of using wax molds for impressions, a laser imaging device captures the exact shape of your tooth. Our in-house lab mills the permanent crowns from blocks of ceramic material while you wait.

The fit and color are precise, and we fix problems immediately. Instead of relying on uncomfortable temporary crowns, we complete the entire process in the first visit. You do not need to return for fittings or adjustments, and your schedule is free.

Dr. Jockin is a licensed dentist in Tampa, FL. To find out if you are a candidate for our procedure, contact our office today.