CEREC 33458 | Advantages of CEREC Crowns over Traditional Crowns

February 26, 2019
Where are the best cerec 33458?

Is the damage of your decaying tooth too big for a filling to be fixed? Do you wish it wasn’t such a hassle to wait before your teeth can be restored? What if we told you that with Modern Technology Advancement you can restore your beautiful smile in just a few hours! This breakthrough in modern technology is called CEREC 33458.

What is CEREC 33458

CEREC means “Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics” that uses Computer-Aided-Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology, also known as CADCAM Dentistry to create natural looking teeth for patients and restore their beautiful smile in just one visit!

Advantages of CEREC

  • No Repeated Visits

With traditional crowns, the process involves having multiple appointments for the fitting of the crown and adjustments. It usually takes 2-3 weeks before you can have them permanently attached. With CEREC, you only need 2 hours before you can enjoy your custom-made dental crown.

  • Accurate and Precise

Modern technology paved the way for lesser chances of making mistakes. CEREC creates a digital impression of your mouth in minutes, and the ceramic crown is then accurately created through a milling unit. The results are more accurate and precise than traditional crowns. No need to come back for adjustments because they will fit perfectly!

  • Look and Feel Natural

Aesthetically, nothing can go up against CEREC crown. There is no need for any temporary crown or impression. You will also experience less post-operative sensitivity. They look and feel like your natural tooth!

  • Lasts Up to 15 Years

CEREC technology allows you to enjoy your teeth for a long time. There is no question when it comes to durability! It will last around 10-15 years and with good oral hygiene might even last you a lifetime!

what is cerec 33458?

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CEREC 33458 Crown has allowed dentists to deliver work of arts through natural looking beautiful teeth in just a matter of a few hours. People across globes have chosen to restore their teeth with CEREC because of its convenience, accuracy, and precision. At Lake Park Dental, we pride ourselves by taking very good care of our patient’s oral health. We provide expert and comprehensive care that will change your life! Call us today to get your teeth restored in less than a day!