Celebrities That Have Undergone Orthodontic Treatments

October 15, 2021
patient showing her stunning smile because of orthodontics in North Tampa

When we talk about celebrities, we think of people with picture-perfect smiles. However, some celebrities weren’t born with an impeccable set of pearly whites – some of them received orthodontic help to achieve their dazzling smiles. Thus, instead of hating the universe for your dental flaws, make your way to your dentist for orthodontics in North Tampa.   

whitened teeth after receiving orthodontics in North Tampa  

Which Celebrities Used Orthodontics to Revamp Their Smile?

Emma Watson

Even wizardry and spells weren’t powerful enough to transform the smile of the “Harry Potter” star, Emma Watson. Perhaps best known for her portrayal of Hermione Granger, Watson wore braces for four months when she was 14 years old. She also wore braces for about four months between filming the third and fourth installments of the said series.   

Tom Cruise

The “Mission: Impossible” and “Top Gun” star once endured teeth misalignment and discoloration, prompting him to get orthodontic treatments. He received dental veneers, which gave him a beaming smile. He also wore braces with regular wires and invisible brackets to straighten his teeth, giving them a better look.   

Prince Harry

Royalties may have been born with a silver platter but not always with an incredible smile. The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, is an example of this. He wore braces for his lower teeth for a decade before achieving a smile that complemented his royal blood.   

woman proudly smiling after getting orthodontics in North Tampa  

Ready to Get Help with Orthodontics in North Tampa?

Getting braces, veneers, or clear aligners is not something to be ashamed of. If anything, this only goes to show that you care for your teeth as anyone else should. You may not be a celebrity, but you sure can look like one with a little help from orthodontic treatments.   

At Lake Park Dental, we guarantee high-quality orthodontic treatment for your dental needs. Give us a call today to start sporting a new look.