Can Smoking Affect Your Dental Implants?   

June 13, 2022
Dentist eliminates a cigarette before dental implants North Tampa

Do you smoke and are planning on getting dental implants soon? You might want to know how your bad habit will affect your dental implants in North Tampa if you do. While you’re still qualified to undergo this procedure, studies have shown that cigarette smoking can impair wound healing and the success of dental implants and implant-related oral surgery.   

Smokers who undergo implant-related operations should be encouraged to put off this bad habit or quit entirely. The goal here is to show how smoking affects the success and survival of dental implants and the complications brought about by smoking to implant-related surgery. To help you learn more about the dangers of smoking, here’s how smoking can affect your dental implants.  

Dental implants in North Tampa with cigarette

Smoking and Dental Implants 

What Effect Does Smoking Have on Dental Implants and Oral Health? 

Aside from affecting the success rate of dental implant surgery, the adverse effects of nicotine and tobacco can also be felt in other aspects of oral health. Here are some other side effects of smoking that can disrupt your overall dental wellness:   

  • Smoking burns the oral tissues on the inside of your mouth, and it can also damage or obstruct the salivary glands, causing mouth dryness.   
  • Nicotine exposure impairs your body’s immune defenses and overall healing ability since you need this extra oxygen and blood flow to heal.   
  • Nicotine slows healing and immune system defenses: Nicotine restricts the passage of oxygen and blood to your bone and oral tissue, whether it’s through a cigarette or a nicotine patch.   
  • Tooth decay and gum disease can result from a lack of saliva, weakening the bone and gums that support your implants.  
  • Nicotine prevents the bone from fusing with the implant.   
  • Smokers have a higher chance of osseointegration failure than nonsmokers.  
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Are You Planning on Getting Dental Implants in North Tampa? 

Smoking and using any other tobacco products don’t have any long-term benefits for your oral health. If you’re looking for a dedicated team that can help you manage your oral health, our team can give you the support that you need. Here at Lake Park Dental, our dentists can help you prepare for your dental implant surgery. Give us a call today