Good news for all of those with dentophobia. Sedation dentistry can help you get over your fears! Sedation dentistry is genuinely a fascinating process. Did you know these aren’t the same as when doctors use sedatives in the ER? For sedation dentistry in Tampa, Florida, Lake Park Dental is the jewel in the crown.

A Cure for Dentophobia?

Of the plethora of phobias, ones revolving around a fear of medical professionals are the most severe. Many people are deprived of essential dental care due to being terrified of their local dentists.

For many people, the thought of making a dental appointment gives them uncontrollable stress and anxiety and they can’t make the call. Dentists have caught on and are now starting to provide an option that removes the root of the problem.

Nitrous Oxide

Sedation dentistry has the solution and its nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide has been proving effective to calm people down while keeping them conscious. While not meant to put people to sleep, some often become relaxed to the point of slumber.

The reason nitrous oxide is used is because it allows us to be able to communicate with you to see how you're doing. We will ask questions to discover your level of anxiety or stress, if you're feeling pain, and other feedback where the physician sees fit.

Oral Consciousness

While nitrous oxide is the gas used for dental fears, it isn't the only way you can be sedated. For other procedures, it is typical for other means to be utilized instead of gas. Oral conscious dentistry, for example, doesn't use gas.

Oral consciousness is slightly different than gas, and the difference starts with the administration of the drug. You will take oral medication in your home the night before your procedure, or at another appointed time on your own. The correct time to take the oral meds is different for everyone, so your dentist will discuss your options.

Drip Sedation

As with other options, this will keep you awake but less alert. You won't feel pain but will be able to respond to physical touch and vocal cues. Like the other options, your memory may be affected. However, it is important to keep in mind that sedatives affect everyone differently.

Drip sedation uses an IV which supplies a constant stream of sedative to your bloodstream; it's very easy to dose and administer correctly, making it commonly used. This method successfully reduces your gag reflex, making the procedure even easier for you. Another plus is that your memory will be significantly reduced or be entirely non-existent.

IV sedation tends to leave patients feeling less disoriented afterward, but you still will need someone else to drive. It is never recommended for patients to drive after being sedated. It doesn't matter the form of sedation used; you will be unable to operate a motor vehicle safely.

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