Can I Get Sedated If I Have Sleep Apnea? 

November 1, 2022
tired sleep apnea patient who can't get sedation dentistry in tampa florida

Sedation dentistry in Tampa, Florida, can ease the anxiety and pain of even the most terrified patient, but unfortunately, it’s not meant for everybody. Professional dentists will explain that people with sleep apnea, pregnant women, and patients taking medication might not get a green light to get sedated before undergoing a dental procedure.

asleep man with sleep apnea who can't get sedation dentistry in tampa florida

Are Sleep Apnea Patients Fit for Dental Sedation?

Sleep apnea is a disorder that stops your breathing for short periods when you’re in bed. As fleeting as the episodes of this condition might be, they cause the brain not to get enough oxygen, hindering your bodily functions. As a consequence of numbing you and calming your nerves, anesthesia slows down your breathing, which increases the risk of a sleep apnea episode. Patients with this sleeping disorder usually have more trouble regaining consciousness after a procedure, too, so dentists advise against getting sedation dentistry in this case.

Dentists should also factor in pregnancy and medication as conditions that might disqualify a patient from getting sedation dentistry.

Other Factors to Consider Before Sedation


Pregnant women can get local anesthesia for any dental procedure, but they likely won’t be suitable candidates for sedation dentistry because it risks the baby, especially during the first three months of pregnancy. If you’re not facing a dental emergency while pregnant, visit your dentist after your little one is born.

Other Medication

Aside from pregnancy, over-the-counter and prescribed medication is another less-obvious factor affecting your chances of getting sedation dentistry. When mixed with anesthesia, these compounds sometimes cause dangerous side effects or interfere with the way sedation works. Make sure to tell your dentist about any temporary or long-term medication you’re taking, so they can determine if sedation is a dangerous path to relieve your dental anxiety. 

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Looking for Sedation Dentistry Professionals in Tampa, Florida?

Sleep apnea, pregnancy, and medication affect your chances of getting sedation dentistry. Find out if it’s for you for it by calling our team today!