Can All Teeth Stains Be Removed?  

September 19, 2022
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Nobody enjoys looking or having stained and discolored teeth. A dentist in Tampa Bay will tell you that some stains might even indicate poor oral health. As a result, many individuals are now trying to whiten their teeth using various techniques, including professional whitening, teeth-whitening toothpaste, and whitening kits.   

While stains can be removed with proper treatment, cosmetic dentists will tell you that not all stains are created equal. While yellow teeth can still be whitened, getting rid of black and brown teeth can be more challenging. Here are some facts regarding stained teeth to help you understand why some teeth can’t be whitened.  

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Kinds of Tooth Stains   

Yellow Stained Teeth  

Most dental patients who want to whiten their teeth usually have yellowed enamel that needs to be whitened. Poor dental hygiene, using tobacco products, and drinking coffee or alcohol are common causes of yellow teeth. While having yellow stained teeth is difficult to remove, whitening toothpaste and solutions can help improve your discolored teeth.   

Brown-Stained Teeth  

A lot of factors can cause your teeth to turn brown, and this includes heavy cigarette use, untreated dental disease, and tartar buildup. Since they’re more challenging to remove, these stains can’t easily be removed by whitening toothpaste or kits. Brown stains and other discolorations can be removed using professional whitening procedures, restoring the teeth’s original color.  

Black or Dark Stained Teeth   

Cavities or severe tooth decay can result in dark or black teeth. Since the dentin inside the teeth is afflicted with cavities, this sort of discoloration can’t be removed by teeth whitening. Black pigments on teeth may need to be removed to make room for dental veneers or dental fillings, depending on the extent of the damage.  

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