Are You Scared of Braces? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Be

August 10, 2021
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Are you one of the many people whose teeth require orthodontics in Lutz, FL? Contrary to popular belief, orthodontics is not just for making your smile beautiful but rather the treatments have more to do with your oral health. Unfortunately, both children and adults are scared of getting braces.

The metal wires and brackets may look intimidating but trust us, living with braces is not that bad. Give it a couple of weeks and you won’t even notice you’re wearing them.
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How to Overcome Your Fear of Braces

Fear of Pain

One of the main reasons why people are afraid of braces is the pain. While it’s true that pain and discomfort are felt during orthodontic treatment, they don’t last long.

The pain is owed to the gentle pressure applied on your teeth to move them towards the desired direction as planned by your orthodontist.

The pain can be relieved by taking over-the-counter painkillers or by applying wax over the brackets so that they do not press against the insides of your mouth.

Fear of the Unknown

Sometimes the fear stems from not knowing what to expect. When you’re lying on the reclining chair with a bright light directed in your mouth, you can feel helpless and fearful. To overcome this fear, you should express your apprehensions to your orthodontist.

Ask as many questions as you can so you will know what is going to happen. Orthodontists will gladly explain the procedure and answer any questions you may have regarding the treatment. The more you know, the more you’ll feel less scared.

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Do You Have More Questions About Orthodontics in Lutz FL?

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