Are There Any Food Restrictions While Wearing Invisalign®?

January 16, 2023
woman about to wear her Invisalign® in North Tampa

When you decide to take the step to undergo orthodontic treatment to align your teeth, you may think that it’s necessary to change some things in your usual diet. If you want to take the step and use Invisalign in North Tampa but you have this doubt, we’re here to answer your questions. 

Invisalign® in North Tampa

Can I Eat While Wearing Invisalign? 

Invisalign® should be worn for at least 22 hours a day. In the remaining two hours, it’s possible to eat at ease and comply with oral hygiene routines at home. 

Not wearing the aligners during this limited time has no negative impact on straightening the teeth. Therefore, one of the most relevant advantages of Invisalign is that it doesn’t imply dietary restrictions. If you remove them, you can eat hard foods and even bite into an apple. 

The Disadvantages of Eating with Invisalign 

Snacking between meals can be counterproductive to orthodontic treatment. Removing the aligners too often can cause delays, making the process last longer than expected. Regarding the possibility of chewing gum with Invisalign, the truth is that it’s impractical to do so with the aligners in place. 

What About Drinking with Invisalign? 

With the aligners in place, you can drink water without problems and, occasionally, any other cool, clear liquid. However, it’s important to not drink hot beverages, as they can deform the aligners due to the heat. 

Although it’s possible to drink cold liquids, some beverages such as tea or coffee cause the aligners to turn yellow. As a result, Invisalign loses its aesthetic appeal, which is one of the reasons patients choose it. 

dentist shows patient his new Invisalign® in North Tampa

Interested in Invisalign in North Tampa? 

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