Are Porcelain Crowns Strong?

May 20, 2022
Dentist in 33548 preparing dental crowns

Have you heard about the exciting benefits of porcelain crowns? Dental crowns, especially porcelain crowns, are strongly recommended by dentists in 33548 due to their exceptional strength and durability. Not only are these crowns a good solution for fixing damaged or missing teeth, but they’re also aesthetically pleasing to look at since they resemble natural teeth.    

Many patients don’t realize that the durability and longevity of these crowns depend on the type of materials used. And among the best variety of cosmetic devices you could get, porcelain crowns stand above the rest. To explain why they’re always sought after, here’s why porcelain crowns are durable and reliable.   

Dentist in 33548 preparing dental crowns

The Hidden Truth Behind Porcelain Veneers   

Secret to Durability    

The secret to why porcelain crowns are durable lies within the process of making them. Depending on their approach, these shells could be made using a uniform ceramic material block.  

Porcelain Fused to Metal  

By sacrificing a bit of its natural look for a more flexible and more robust base, this dental crown is easily one of the most durable types of crowns you could get. Nevertheless, it would be best if you continued with your daily oral health routine to ensure that your crowns will last longer.     

Made to Last for Years    

Considering how easy it is to lose a natural tooth, feeling skeptical about these cosmetic devices is expected. While porcelain crowns could still chip and break, the strength of these devices could still last for years to come with proper care and maintenance.

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Looking for a Dentist in 33548 That Offers Dental Crowns?   

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