Answer These Questions to Know If You Need a Dentist

October 3, 2022
Smiling patient at the dentist office in Greater Northdale

Due to fear or lack of time, many people tend to leave paying a visit to their dentist in Greater Northdale at the bottom of their priority list. Unfortunately, leaving your oral health unattended can be the first step toward dangerous diseases, such as gum disease and tooth decay. 

Dental professionals advise asking yourself questions, like when was the last time you were in a dentist’s office and how your teeth and breath are used to determine if your next dental visit is near. 

Patient smiling during a dentist appointment in Greater Northdale

Ask Yourself These Questions Before Your Next Dentist Visit

When Was My Last Visit? 

If there are no signs of prior dentist appointments in your calendar, chances are you desperately need a dental visit. Your teeth and mouth should get cleanings at least twice a year to prevent dental conditions and leave your smile looking polished and healthy. 

Talk to your dental professional to determine how often you should see them, and schedule your appointments accordingly. 

How’s My Breath?

Checking your agenda may give you inconclusive information, so smelling your breath may be a more obvious way to check if you need to see your dentist. The foods and beverages you consume daily accumulate between your teeth, nesting bacteria and causing bad breath. A foul oral odor and a white tongue indicate that a dental cleaning is long overdue. 

How Do My Teeth Feel?

Bad breath usually goes hand in hand with particular-looking teeth. Bacteria in your mouth combine with your saliva and meals, producing tartar and plaque and putting the layers of your teeth at risk. Consequences of this process include a yellow and stained smile, sensitivity while eating, and receding gums. 

Call your dentist to schedule an appointment if you notice any of these visible conditions. 

Patient with their dentist in Greater Northdale

Looking for a Dentist in Greater Northdale?

If you find yourself giving concerning answers to questions about your oral health and dentist appointments, it’s time to see a dental professional right away. Dentists at Lake Park Dental provide top-quality services for a healthy, white smile. Book an appointment today!