Anatomy of Dental Implants 

June 20, 2022
Dental Implants diagram 33548

Are you curious about dental implants and how they function? For years, dental implants in 33548 have had a good reputation for enhancing oral health and beauty. That’s why many people are interested in learning about this restorative device. 

To help you understand why dental implants have such a significant impact on dentistry, you’ll need to examine and comprehend each of its components. You will be able to appreciate dental implants more if you learn and understand how each part works. To give you a head start, below are the parts of dental implants and what they perform.  

Anatomy of dental implants 33548

Dental Implant Components  

Implant Post  

The implant post is a little screw-shaped device that serves as the implant’s foundation or base. It’s made from titanium and is drilled into the jawbone and secured beneath the gum line to support the abutment. The implant bonds with the jawbone over time while inside the gum line, allowing it to develop a permanent hold.   

The Abutment  

The abutment is a metal link between the implant post and the prosthetic. It’s worn along the gum line and secures the new artificial tooth. Different types of abutments can be used depending on the prosthetic that needs to be supported. The abutment is usually not attached until the permanent implant fixture has bonded to the jawbone or the osseointegration process has been completed.  

False Tooth/Prosthesis  

The crown, also known as a dental prosthesis, is the last part of a dental implant. This prosthetic tooth is created by taking your impressions and processing them in a lab to be used as a replacement for your lost or damaged teeth. The false tooth can be made from different materials depending on the patient’s needs and budget.   

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Do You Want to Know More About Dental Implants in 33548?   

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