Amazing Facts About Your Tongue

September 27, 2022
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One of the essential parts of a person’s mouth is their tongue. Many people even neglect to brush their tongues when they do their daily routine cleaning. The ability to taste things is a crucial function of the tongue. Additionally, without it, communicating would not be possible. Any dentist in Carrollwood will tell you that complete oral hygiene should include teeth, gums, and tongue cleaning.  

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Four Interesting Facts About Tongue

The Typical Length of a Tongue is Four Inches

A typical person’s tongue length, from the inside to the tip, is about four inches. That is roughly double the size of the most extended tongue ever measured.  

The Color of a Person´s Tongue Tells Something  

A person’s tongue color may indicate a dangerous medical condition. When healthy, it is pink, but allergies and infections can cause it to turn red. While fungal infections can cause white spots all over the tongue, a blistering tongue may indicate a bad reaction to blood pressure and allergy medications.  

It Has Eight Muscles

Although it is not the body’s strongest muscle, the tongue is one of its most flexible. Because of this, it can be used continuously without ever becoming tired. The quadriceps and glutes are the body’s strongest muscles and can generate the most force.  

The Tongue Has Taste Buds All Over It

A person’s entire tongue can taste a variety of flavors. Some diagrams categorize the tongue into sections that can only taste sweet, sour, salty, and bitter flavors, although this is simply done for simplicity. The tongue’s entire surface can sense various flavors.  

The Tongue Can Gain Weight

Your tongue will also grow fat if you do! The amount of tongue fat is correlated with obesity, and the human tongue has a high-fat percentage. This can cause the risk factor for obstructive sleep apnea condition in obese adults.   

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Enjoying a healthy mouth implicates everything. When you add good attention and be careful with cleaning and the products you use, you can get a well-caring of your mouth. Ask your dentist in Carrollwood for the best suggestions for dental care. Call now!