3 Reasons Why Dental Implants are the Best Option for Teeth Replacement

September 27, 2021
Dental Implants in Land O Lakes

Modern developments in restorative dentistry have made better dental procedures available for those who need teeth replacement. Dentures and bridges have become second options nowadays, suggested only when the patient won’t qualify for dental implants. Thus, if you have missing teeth, you should visit your dentist and get dental implants in Land O Lakes.

Dental Implants in Land O Lakes

Reasons Why Dental Implants are the Best Teeth Replacement Methods

They are Permanent

Dental implants are attached to the bone through the socket of the teeth. Because of this, dental implants can last a lifetime so long as you care for them properly. On the other hand, dentures and bridges may have to be replaced after 7-15 years as your teeth and jaw adjust over time.

They are Cost-Effective

It can’t be denied that dental implants look more expensive at first sight. With their added benefits, it’s understandable they should come with a higher price tag. However, others fail to realize that they save a lot more down the road when they choose to get dental implants.

With dentures, there are regular charges you need to spend on, including the cost for adhesives and pay for readjustments. Dentures can also be a hassle because they need to be removed, soaked in water, and cleaned thoroughly. On the other hand, dental implants only require the usual toothbrushing.

They Are More Comfortable

Dental implants look like natural teeth. With this in mind, you won’t feel awkward that other people will notice them. Since they are screwed to the bone, they also provide a better bite, and you won’t have to worry that they would fall out while you’re talking, eating, or kissing.

Dental Implants in Land O Lakes

Get Your Dental Implants in Land O Lakes Now

Dental implants are the best way to restore your beautiful smile not only because of their aesthetics but also because of their improved function. At Lake Park Dental, our dentists specialize in installing dental implants; thus, you won’t have to worry that things may go wrong.

Our mission is to provide a positive experience to all our patients, and you’ll notice that as soon as you step foot in our clinic. Call us today so we can start designing a treatment plan for you.