3 Misconceptions About Dental Implants You Shouldn’t Believe

September 17, 2021
woman choosing a crown color for her dental implants 33548

Dental implants are a great replacement for missing teeth in terms of function and appearance. Although they can be more costly than dentures, implants are cost-effective because they can last a lifetime. If you’re looking at getting dental implants at 33548 but are quite hesitant because of other people’s negative opinions, read on to discover why you shouldn’t believe them.

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What are the Common Myths About Dental Implants?

They are Noticeable

Dental implants use translucent porcelain to imitate the natural color of your teeth. Since they are made to look natural, it’s usually difficult to spot them out. Unlike dental crowns or dentures, implants don’t use metal or metal wires that clearly stand out from your mouth.

They Require a Lot of Maintenance

Dental implants are far better alternatives to dentures because they are permanent. Since they closely resemble natural teeth, cleaning them only requires the same oral routine. Compared to dentures, you don’t need to remove dental implants to clean them and then place them back using adhesives.

Older People Won’t Qualify for Dental Implants

This myth is completely false. In fact, a 90-year-old person was able to get dental implants. Ironically, younger people may not qualify for a dental implant if their jawline hasn’t completely formed yet.

The only reason older people won’t qualify is when they have issues like diabetes, bleeding disorders, or gum diseases. Aside from these, anyone can get dental implants no matter their age.

a close up image of all on four dental implants 33548

Are You Looking at Getting Dental Implants in 33548?

With proper care, dental implants are life-long solutions to missing teeth. They are permanently attached to your jawbone, and if you’re trying to avoid embarrassing moments, like having dentures fall out mid-speech. then you should consider getting implants.

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