3 Benefits of Tongue Cleaning

October 18, 2021
woman cleaning her tongue after seeing her dentist in Land O'Lakes

Any dentist in Land O’Lakes will tell you that complete oral hygiene should include teeth, gums, and tongue cleaning. These are essential for proper oral hygiene and preventing oral diseases. There are a lot of benefits to tongue brushing, and you can find out all about it by reading on. 

family practicing good oral hygiene as advised by their dentist in Land O'Lakes 

What Does Tongue Cleaning Do?

It Fights Bad Breath and Bacteria

Brushing your teeth and gargling mouth wash is not enough for a clean mouth. In that way, you are only cleaning the top layer of bacteria on your tongue. Bacteria in your mouth cause many oral problems, and brushing your tongue can prevent these diseases. 

It Prevents Gum Disease and Cavities

As mentioned above, bacteria are the main cause of gum disease and cavities. You may have brushed your teeth, but neglecting your tongue still leaves a lot of bacteria in play. The tongue has many grooves because it’s not a smooth muscle, and bacteria can lurk in these areas.  

By brushing your tongue regularly, you can remove the residual bacteria, resulting in a cleaner mouth. 

It Enhances Your Taste

Bacteria in your tongue can hinder the nerves in your taste buds from picking up flavors when you eat food. Eating may primarily be a nutritional means for your body, but don’t deprive yourself of enjoying the rich flavors of your food. Brushing your tongue removes the hindrance to your taste buds and ensures that you’ll have a more flavorful time the next time you eat. 

patient brushing her tongue as advised by her dentist in Land O'Lakes  

Learn More by Visiting Your Dentist in Land O’Lakes

One thing is for certain. Like any other organ in the body, the tongue should be cared for to optimize your overall health. However, it’s still best to visit your dentist regularly to receive deep cleaning and achieve a squeaky-clean mouth. If you need help with this, schedule an appointment with us at Lake Park Dental.